Floxin (Ofloxacin)
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Product description: Floxin is in a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones that fights bacteria in the body.
Active Ingredient: Ofloxacin
Floxin as known as: Marromel, Taroflox, Zanocin, Quinovid, Floxedol, Oflocet, Ermofan, Oflin, Optiflox, Nufafloqo, Oflaxsyn, Floxal, Poncoquin, Oflox, Oflocee, Nockwoo oxacin, Oharaxin, Visiren, Floxwin-200, Oflacin, Glaufos, Edilox-oz, Tarixacin, Ofcin, Biravid, Ethiflox, Itex, Ofloxacinum, Oflodinex, Tafloc, Quinomax, Flosep, Ofloxbeta, Ecuflox, Ofkozin, Taravid, Tariflox, Oflovir, Grenis oflo, Bacter-nz, Edilox-s, Menefloks, Oxiflox, Ofloxacine, Urostat, Netazox-of, Flovid, Pharflox, Docofloxacine, Albact, Onexacin, Opool, Norlamine, Ofloks, Drovid, Qugyl-o, Oxken, Rafocilina, Oltrex, Inoflox, Oflocol, Bactocin, Floxika, Oculsin, Oflox-ct, Ofla, Dolocep, Oclavit, Oftight, Qinolon, Danoflox, Oflocollyre, Otoflox, Taricin, Libiget, Evaflox, Uro-tarivid, Zyflox, Oflodex, Floxstat, Nostil, Newflox, Oflovid, Quinomed, Keftil, Ofloxin, Oflomet, Novecin, Monoflocet, Bioquil, Flodemex, Ostrid, Octin, Tarifron, Oflohexal, Poenflox, Gamoflo, Floxil, Zelavel, Quiflural, Loxinter, Mefoxa, Oflo-iv, Viotisone, Kafra, Tarizart, Floxal edo, Ofloxacino, Ofloject, Gyros, Oflogen, Exocin, Trafloxal, Gyroflox, Oloxin, Ofloxat, Tabrin, Surnox, Nilavid, Xatron, Medofloxine, Oxacid, Megasin, Flonacin, Remecilox, Oflocide, Oflomed, Oftector, Oxacin, Tatsumixin, Pharxacin, Floxur, Earflo otic, Oflodis, Tarivid, Oflobid, Maxifloxina, Rutix, Exocine, Oflomac, Flotavid, Ocuflox, Iquinol, Microbac, Oflodura, Ibacnol

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