Adalat (Nifedipine)
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Product description: Adalat is a calcium channel blocker which is used to prevent certain types of chest pain (angina) or to treat a certain blood circulation disorder.
Active Ingredient: Nifedipine
Adalat as known as: Chronadalate, Kisalart l, Kepakuru l, Bresben, Normadil, Nifensar, Cardalin, Depin, Cordaflex, Ramitalate l, Nifedipinum, Cardioluft l, Belnif, Oxcord, Farmalat, Macorel, Sepamit, Kobanifate l, Xepalat, Nifar-gb, Nifestad, Nifelantern cr, Nelapine, Nidicard, Sindipine, Conetrin, Nifetex tr, Nefelid, Nifelat, Tenif, Adefin, Carditas, Nifangin, Atenerate, Cordalat, Nipin, Cardifen, Sidalat, Nifedine, Nifecap, Nyefax, Marivolon, Ecodipin, Niften, Zenusin, Calcianta, Towarat cr, Fortipine la, Tensomax, Atanaal, Cardiobren, Jutadilat, Nifebene, Fenamon, Hexadilat, Lemar, Hypan, Nirena l, Nidipine, Nidilat, Nipidin, Cordilat, Nif-ten, Calcibloc, Nifedip, Nedipin, Pyme nife, Myogard, Sali-adalat, Milfadin, Cordafen, Vasdalat, Nifedi-denk, Emaberin, Coronipin, Nifehexal, Nifin, Nifelat l, Nifeclair, Nifedin, Beta-nicardia, Epilat, Corinael cr, Tredalat, Nife-ct, Glopir, Ficard, Nifecard, Fedip, Cisday, Cordipin, Depin-e, Noviken, Cardicon osmos, Nifecardia, Korincare, Ramitalate, Pharmaniaga nifedipine, Calcigard, Depine, Nilol, Nifedipin, Calcheck, Ospocard, Anpect, Nifeslow, Nipress, Nycopin, Afeditab, Nifedigel, Nyefax retard, Aprical, Apo-nifed, Nian, Cobalat, Corotrend, Nifedipina, Coral, Menoprizin, Atenif beta, Valni, Cardules, Nifedical, Cipalat retard, Herlat, Stada uno, Timol cd30, Calchan, Fedip retard, Depicor, Tensipine mr, Corinfar, Nife von ct, Nifatenol, Casanmil, Nifezzard, Duranifin, Amarkor, Addos, Nifical-tropfen, Conducil, Coracten, Tensopin, Nicardia, Nifcal, Nirena, Pressolat, Adalate, Antrolin, Fenidina, Cardiosol, Adipine, Nifecor, Nifediac, Viscard, Ficor, Nifedel, Cardipin, Nifedipino, Buconif, Nifedate, Nifedalat, Cardicon, Nifehexal retard, Corinael l, Casanmil s, Siopelmin, Knoramin l, Nifelong, Nifedipress, Citilat, Nifedicor, Nifed, Nifical, Pabalat

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